👋 Welcome to immersive video world!

MVPlayer.app is a visionOS 2D/3D immersive video player for Apple Vision Pro (visionOS). Test it for free!

MV Player screenshot 1

Where to download it?

MVPlayer.app is available on the App Store for free.

Download on the Mac App Store

What does it do?

MVPlayer.app can play various format of immersive videos directly from your Files, Library or streaming URL (streaming URL requires version 1.1).

MV Player screenshot 2

How much does it cost?

MVPlayer.app is free to download, so you can test it without paying anything. But you will only produce sample videos. If you are satisfied of the result, you need to purchase (one-time) Full Access for more than 20 seconds of video playback.

Need a MV-HEVC immersive video converter?

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Launch the app from URL Scheme

Starting version 1.1, you can use mvplayer: URL scheme to open MVPlayer.app. You just need to add URL encoded url parameter in the /open action following x-callback-url model.

In example, mvplayer://x-callback-url/open?url=https%3A%2F%2Fdevstreaming-cdn.apple.com%2Fvideos%2Fstreaming%2Fexamples%2Fhistoric_planet_content_2023-10-26-3d-video%2Fmain.m3u8 will open https://devstreaming-cdn.apple.com/videos/streaming/examples/historic_planet_content_2023-10-26-3d-video/main.m3u8 in MVPlayer.app.